Transition Policy for Canceled Health Plans

Click here for full article. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes key reforms that create new coverage standards for health insurance policies, beginning in 2014. For example, effective for 2014 plan years, the ACA imposes modified community rating standards and requires individual and small group policies to cover a comprehensive set of benefits. Millions of […]

Dental Insurance: What You Need to Know

Aside from protecting your smile, dental care ensures good oral and overall health. Several studies suggest that oral diseases, such as periodontitis (gum disease), can affect other areas of your body—including your heart. Understanding and choosing dental coverage will help protect you and your family from the high cost of dental disease and surgery. What […]

Employer Mandate Final Rules

Click here to read full article   Final Employer Shared Responsibility Regulations Issued Provided by Robert C Placak & Associates Insurance Services The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes a penalty on large employers that do not offer minimum essential coverage to full-time employees and their dependents. Large employers that offer this coverage may still be […]

Why Promote Wellness?

Workplace Wellness: Why Promote Wellness? What is Workplace Wellness? Workplace wellness refers to the education and activities that a worksite may do to promote healthy lifestyles for employees and their families. Examples of wellness initiatives include such things as health education classes, subsidized use of fitness facilities, internal policies that promote healthy behavior, and any […]