Understanding your Voluntary Benefits

Understanding Voluntary Benefits (click here for the full article)

You know the importance of having health care coverage and a 401(k), but are you taking advantage of all the benefits  offers? Voluntary benefits are additional benefit options offered through the company. Unlike traditional benefits like health coverage, employees are responsible for paying most or all of the cost of these voluntary options.

What’s the Advantage?

You may wonder – if you’re responsible to pay, then why elect any voluntary benefits? There are several advantages.

Lower Price

If the benefit in question is something you are planning to purchase for yourself regardless, then it is probably more cost-effective to purchase through . The group rate we can secure is generally lower than what you’d pay buying individually from an insurance company.


Understanding Voluntary Benefits (click here for the full article)

Medical Care Choices

Medical Care Choices (click here for full article) Tips for managing your health care expenses Health care costs are rising significantly, greatly impacting the price you and your employer pay for your health benefits.  takes its responsibility to provide you with quality, affordable benefits seriously. You, too, must think carefully about how you use those benefits. […] Continue reading →